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Studio Metallic Paste Wax

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What is Studio Metallic Paste Wax?

Beautiful, metallic, acrylic-based paste which will turn your artwork into a real treasure while adding amazing, rich, metal-like finish to most surfaces and elements. Add magical touch to your artwork with Studio Metallic Paste Wax. Can be applied where Gold Leaf is applied. No need to use extra glue with this wax. Works perfectly well with Acrylics and Watercolors. 

Use this for Resin Artwork Bordering:

Studio Metallic Paste Wax can be used in Resin Mixing or in coverage of Resin Artwork borders. Decor your Resin Coasters with Studio Metallic Paste Wax.

Studio Metallic Paste Wax is a high-quality wax specially formulated for metal surfaces. It is designed to provide a durable and long-lasting shine to your metal furniture, fixtures, and decorative items.


This metallic wax is easy to apply and can be used on a variety of metal surfaces, including brass, copper, silver, gold, and steel. It is perfect for use on items such as lamps, candlesticks, picture frames, and metal furniture.


Whether you want to restore the shine to old metals or protect the shine on new ones, Studio Metallic Paste Wax is an excellent choice. It creates a protective layer on metal surfaces, preventing oxidation and other damage caused by exposure to air and moisture.

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