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Schneider Topliner 967

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Experience Smooth Writing with Schneider Topliner 967 Pen


About this thing.

metal-encased composing tip.

barrel parts produced using against dissipation PP for long haul storability.
appropriate for use with ruletrs and formats
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Schneider's Topliner 967 are ideal for fine and precise composition.
Appropriate for use with rulers and formats.


Schneider Topliner 967 is a high-quality pen that delivers a smooth and comfortable writing experience. The pen features a 0.6mm tip that delivers fine and consistent lines. The ink dries quickly and does not smudge, making it perfect for left-handed writers. The pen is designed with a triangular barrel that ensures a comfortable grip for extended writing sessions. The pen's cap can be clipped to a notebook or pocket for convenient carrying.


The Schneider Topliner 967 pen is ideal for everyday use, whether you are writing notes, letters, or drawing. It is a versatile pen that is suitable for students, professionals, and artists. The pen is available in blue and black ink, making it suitable for various writing and drawing tasks. The pen's ink is waterproof and fade-resistant, making it perfect for archival purposes. You can use the pen to create long-lasting artwork or documents that will stand the test of time.


The Schneider Topliner 967 pen is affordable and available in packs of five or ten. You can choose the pack that suits your needs and budget. The pen's quality and affordability make it a popular choice among writers and artists. You can buy the Schneider Topliner 967 pen online or at your local stationery store. Experience the smooth writing and comfort of the Schneider Topliner 967 pen today!


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