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Prophets Stories from Quran (12 Books Box Set) (Story Books)

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Prophets Stories from Quran (12 Books Box Set) (Story Books)

  • 12 Books Box Set
  • A5 (Landscape)
  • 24 Pages Each Book
  • Beautiful Illustrations 
  • Premium Quality
  • Bilingual (English and Urdu side by side)

The Quran is full of exciting stories, adventures, teachings and prayers, which show Allah's love for us and explain what He requires from us as believers in and sincere servants of our Creator.

The Prophets' Stories from Quran series is specially designed to provide an easy way to help your children understand more about the stories of the Quran by enjoying them and learning from them in a natural way. It's a wonderful way to explain the greatest stories of the Quran to children and encourage them to explore the meaning and purpose of the word of Allah. A simple text and magnificent colour illustrations will captivate young, active minds.

  1. Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa (Prophet Musa AS)
  2. The Miraculous Baby (Prophet Isa AS)
  3. Prophet Hud AS and the Storm (Prophet Hud AS)
  4. The Pious Man and his Sons (Prophet Yaqub AS)
  5. The First Man (Prophet Adam AS)
  6. The Most Patient Man (Prophet Ayyub AS)
  7. How Ibrahim AS Came to Know Allah (Prophet Ibrahim AS)
  8. The Honoured Guests (Prophet Ibrahim AS)
  9. The Queen and the Bird (Prophet Sulayman AS)
  10. The Ark of Nuh (Prophet Nuh AS)
  11. The Unique Miracle
  12. The Travels of the Prophet Ibrahim AS (Prophet Ibrahim AS)
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