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Mont Marte Premium Air Hardening Modelling Clay Terracotta 500g

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Mont Marte Premiu, Air Hardening Clay is the ideal decision for proficient modelers, specialists and understudies the same. This weighty bodied earth is malleable in the wake of massaging, and on the grounds that it is moderate drying you can take as much time as is needed framing it into your ideal plan. The mud is fit to free frame chiseling and can be sanded, penetrated, painted or evaporated once dry. Practically any beautifying article can be made with creative mind. Dries in around 24hrs to stoneware hardness (contingent upon thickness). Customary stoneware strategies can be utilized along with non conventional techniques, for example, stepping or adding objects to your work. Standard earthenware apparatuses can be utilized with Mont Marte Premium Air Hardening Modeling Clay.

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