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Mont MARTE Acrylic Colour Paint Set Of 36 x 36ml

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Mont MARTE Acrylic Colour Paint Set Of 36 x 36ml

Dries to a semi-matte completion.


Great inclusion and smooth surface.


Speedy dry time allows you to paint rapidly without wrecking your varieties.


Appropriate for most surfaces, including material, wood, MDF, calfskin, air-dried dirt, mortar, cardboard, paper, and a few plastics.


36 Varieties: Titanium White, Rose Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Light Yellow, Orange Yellow, Profound Yellow, Ocher Yellow, Medium Yellow, Orange, Vermilion, Radiant Red, Red, Violet, Light Purple, Carmine, Purple, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue , Cyan Blue, Water Green, Turquoise, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Monastral Green, Viridian, Sap Green, Phthalo Green, Consumed Green, Crude Brown. Copied Sienna, Crude Sienna, Dark, Light Dark, Gold, Silver

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