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Mini Canvas A5

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High-Quality Mini Canvas A5 for Art Projects

Blank Stretched Mini Canvas with Mini Wood Easel Set.
Easel is made of 100% pine wood and is very lightweight and portable.
Mini stretched canvas on a wooden frame supplied with a miniature easel; can be used with a wide variety of artist media, from oil paints and watercolors to acrylic, tempera, and gouache.
Great for fine art, crafts, art lesson, kids drawing painting, home decorating, displaying pictures, business cards, wedding decorations and more.
Painting Easel only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included.
Material: Pine Wood + Canvas
Size: 5x5
Color: Wood Color + White
Quantity: 1 Set

The Mini Canvas A5 is an ideal choice for artists searching for a small canvas that can be used for various art projects. This premium canvas is made from high-quality materials ensuring that it’s durable and long-lasting. You can be sure that your artwork will last for years to come.


With a size of 5.8 x 8.3 inches, the Mini Canvas A5 may be small, but it’s perfect for creating a piece that can fit anywhere in your home or office. Its compact size means that it requires minimal space making it ideal for those with limited space.


Whether you’re creating a painting, a mixed media piece, or a collage, this mini canvas is the right choice for you. Its versatile nature allows artists to experiment and explore their creativity.


The Mini Canvas A5 has a pre-primed surface that ensures that your colors go on smoothly and blend well. The canvas texture allows for great brush strokes for a beautiful finish. This canvas also features a sturdy and lightweight frame that makes it easy to handle and transport.

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