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Maries Water Base Charcoal Sticks

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Experience the Perfect Shade with Maries Water Base Charcoal Sticks

Product Specifications:

  • The total contents are 6 pcs
  • Black
  • 11 cm long
  • The diameter of approximately 3-8 mm

This charcoal drawing technique can produce beautiful and elegant works even if only with a touch of black. You can play with coloring techniques by learning the thickness of the streaks of your charcoal and become an extraordinary masterpiece.
* Tips: Also use coloring techniques with an eraser to highlight (there are tools such as regular eraser for large areas, mono zero for thin highlights, pen lyra eraser or Derwent for medium scratches, please check our storefronts to find these products)
* You should also use gloves when you use charcoal media so that the oil from the hands does not stick to the picture and cause the colors to be messed up not the way you want.

As an artist, you know the importance of getting the perfect shade. Maries Water Base Charcoal Sticks are the perfect tool to achieve that perfect shade and create beautiful artworks. Made with high-quality materials, these sticks are perfect for sketching, drawing, shading, and much more.


The pressure-sensitive charcoal sticks come in a pack of 12 shades and are perfect for a range of surfaces, including paper, canvas, and board. The water-based sticks produce smooth, consistent lines without smudging or smearing. Additionally, it is easy to manipulate the charcoal with a wet brush to create light and dark areas, smoothing out rough edges and adding texture. The unique blend of materials used in Maries Water Base Charcoal Sticks ensures that they produce minimal residue and stick to the paper just enough to make it easy to blend with a brush. You can also use them to create washes or patterns on your artwork.


Maries Water Base Charcoal Sticks are a must-have for artists who want to take their artworks to the next level. They are perfect for creating stunning portraits, landscapes, and more. Experience the perfect shade with Maries Water Base Charcoal Sticks and bring your artworks to life!

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