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The Stationers

Large Paint Mixing Palette - White

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The Stationers large criculer shape drawing plette. Easy to use and reliable. A palette is usually made of plastic, material, and can vary greatly in size and shape. 5places and 12 small carve side. Using for art & craft purpose for making a artist paint works.

Color: white.

Size: large.

1pcs of palette only.

  • 17 WELL PALETTE - This 8x12 inch palette with 17 wells is perfect for acrylics, watercolors, oil, or face paints.
  • PERFECT FOR MIXING COLORS- Pallet has enough wells to create every shade needed for your artwork.
  • WHITE PLASTIC PALETTE - Sturdy and washable white plastic paint tray is easy to clean and reusable.
  • ARTISTS PALETTE WITH THUMB HOLE - Easy to hold for artists, students, crafters and kids.
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