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Cretacolor Battery Operated Eraser

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  • Battery operated with 10 erasers included
  • The eraser ensures precision in erasing graphite and colored pencil. When the eraser is switched on the spinning action of the eraser lifts the pigment from the paper surface. This makes it for correcting mistakes or re-working very small areas
  • The precise control ensured by the eraser makes it suitable for highlighting. The eraser shape can be changed by working it on a spare piece of paper. A flat tip will give you a nice sharp edge which will erase a thin line. A round tip will allow you to erase a small dot. This eraser is made as a drawing tool, for relining marks and amending small areas of your work
  • Revolution per minute: 14600 - 32000 u/min. Low weight and ergonomic design of eraser ensure pleasant operation and impressive control. the eraser is operated by pushing down the button located on the top. Package is competed with 4 rubber tubes with different inside diameters so you can mount special tools for engraving, polishing for various kind of surfaces (to be found in DIY stores)
  • It is perfect for left or right handed people. It takes 2 x aa batteries (batteries not included). Selective highlights can be created in already existing drawings, e. g. Signature can be added
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