Batman Metal Keychain
You know what is a good trick to hide the key to the Batmobile? You put it on the 2 inch wide Batman Symbol Keyholder Keychain, of course! You see, nobody will ever surmise that you have the keys to...
Captain America Metal Shield Keychain
It is legendary, it is's not as pointy as the original! It's Captain America's Shield! And this is the Captain America Movie Metal Shield Keychain; a useful little replica you can carry along with you. Measuring 2 inches in...
Hulk Fist Metal Keychain
HULK SMASH...keychain? I'm not quite sure if that works out. The Hulk Metal Fist Keychain measures 2.5 inches long and shows off that classic Hulk Fist that we so often associate! Yeah! You probably have a pair of those...
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