Staedtler Triplus Fibre Tip Pens (Pack of 10)



This pack of 10 Staedtler Triplus shading fiber tip pens is provided in an upscale and handy Staedtler work area box. These pens have a 1mm thick, fiber tip nib which is solid and weight safe. The pens have an ergonomic three-sided barrel for easy weakness free composition. The pens are made with Dry Safe ink permitting you to leave them uncapped for quite a long time without them evaporating. Water based plan implies they will clean out of most materials without any problem.

Johanna Basford the originator of the grown-up shading books shares her contemplations about these Staedtler triplus shading pens, the fineliner’s older sibling! She says that these pens ‘have a heavier nib meaning you can make enormous regions of level tone in a jiffy – no additionally shading a similar piece again and again


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