School Stationery Deal (Class 5-10) D-5



School Stationery Deal (Class 5-10) D-5.
Complete School Set.
Easy to use & reliable for kid.
include all stationary Set.
Complete accessories. Save your time and effort. Order your packages today.

All quantities and prices of deals are mentioned below.
Deal includes:
1x SHARK 12 Lead Pencil With Eraser PL042
1x Oro Color Pencils (Full)
1x Dollar Pointer + Box 10Pcs/Box – Blue
1x Dux Scale 1 foot
2x Dux Scale 1/2 foot
1x Picasso Grip Ball Pen Blue 10Pcs/Box
1x Mercury Simple Fiber tip marker
1x Sharpener 12 pcs
1x Oro Ink Remover
1x Kita Correction Pen
2x SHARK Correction Pen Single Pcs C-620
1x Nafess 30ml 10Pcs/Box
1x Nafess 60ml 10Pcs/Box
1x Master Qalam Calligraphic Pen (M-605) 10Pcs/Box – Black
1x Dux Eraser Soft Eraser Box 40Pcs D – 2001
1x Shark Liquid Adhesive Glue Stick 50ml LG-50
2x SHARK Highlighter 1 Piece HL-119 – Yellow
1x Local Pencil Box
1x Schneider Easy Green Pen Single Pcs.
1x SHARK Geometry Box Set MS-709

Note: Please note that we will provide you with similar article and color if exact article is not available.


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