Studio Acrylic Starter Pack


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TheStationers presents its very own Acrylic Starter Pack for Art Lovers with a Special Product !!!

Pack Includes:

  1. Studio Acrylic Medium !!
  2. 12 Pieces Acrylics (1 Special Color Included)
  3. 12 Pieces Mix Brush Set
  4. 6 Grids DIY Mixing Palette
  5. A4 Canvas Pad
  6. Plastic Palette Knives Set
  7. Special Gift: An artistic Tatoo (Peel off)

Best and most affordable acrylic deal. Includes all your needed products in a bag that too at a discounted price !!!

The biggest challenge that an artist faces with the Acrylic medium is the quick speed with which it dries out, so now TheStationers introduces Acrylic Medium Gel that can be used as a mixer, blender and most importantly as a retarder. It will let the acrylic dry slowly giving you more time to apply your paints.

For the love of arts and artists


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