Cretacolor Creativo Drawing Set of 27 pcs



Cretacolor Creativo Drawing Set of 27 pcs

As indicated by the name Creativo, this is a kit that will stimulate your creativity. The set includes different types of drawing materials, ideal for creating almost everything from quick sketches to completed drawings. The earthly colors of the pencils and chalks are combine very well with each other. Cretacolor products have excellent pigmentation, rich color palette and high lightfastness. The Creativo set would be a wonderful gift and a great addition to the every artist’s studio.

The set contains:
3 Aquarelle Graphite Pencils – 8B, 4B and HB;
1 Graphite Nero Pencil, 1 Charcoal Pencil, 1 Pastel Pencil;
2 Sanguine Pencils – dry and oil, 2 Sepia Pencils – dark and light;
2 White Chalk Pencils, 12 Chalks in Earth Colors,
Sharpener, Kneaded Eraser, Paper Stump.


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