Metallic Fluro Paint Set by MONT MARTE 8 x 18ml


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Mont Marte fluorescent paint is ideal for adding glowing tones to your specialty and art ventures. This set highlights 8 splendid tones in 18ml cylinders that gleam under dark lights and have a smooth brilliance on a scope of surfaces, for example, canvas, card and wood. The high color focus and smooth consistency of every fluorescent 18ml paint tube in this set offers a splendid neon look. Make splendid craftsmanships and art extends at home or school with the Mont Marte Fluro Acrylic Paint Intro Set.


8 splendid neon tones in 18ml cylinders (yellow, orange, red, maroon, pink, purple, blue, green)

Smooth shine on a scope of surfaces

Shines under dark lights

Smooth consistency

Speedy drying

  • Appropriate for craftsmanship extends at home or school


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