Best Ruler & Cutter TATA RC-5 (35cm)



TATA RC-5 / Ruler & Cutter / Rotary Trimmer

  • TATA RC-5 is a ruler and cutter (rotary blade) that is used to cut all types of paper (photocopying, fax, print, photos, pp sheets, and vinyl paper)
  • Has 2 rulers (horizontal and vertical). For an additional lateral ruler, it can slide 90 degrees. So the cut will be more accurate in length and width.
  • Have a Cutting Plate (Placemat – Designed to be safe to use (use is enough to press and slide)
  • Can cut up to 6-10 sheets of paper *
  • The rotary blade is sharp and durable.
  • 35cm ruler length (Suitable for A4, A5, A6)
  • Suitable for supporting various types of business activities (photocopying, printing, etc.) and hobbies for handicrafts.
  • The default blade is the straight/straight type.
  • Not for cutting cloth Enumeration /dotted/dotted/ perforator blades also sold separately (Code Cutting Head RC TATA)

Special Cutting Plate:

It hasĀ four places on the plate avail. Please change place when cutting grove becomes deep. ( four places, E.G. upper, lower, front and rear ). Using the point of a pencilĀ or anything else to push out the plate from the whole underneath the lower part of the base.



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