Daler Rowney Artist Palette Knives (14 Sizes Available)




Daler-Rowney Palette Knives have an uncommon electrolytic covering that is special in the compelling artwork market. This extra covering outcomes in an item that is more impervious to rust than all other carbon steel palette blades (which until this advancement has been the business standard).

Every palette blade from this range has been created utilizing hand-manufactured steel, an acacia wood handle and metal ferrule, for a craftsman palette blade that will stand the trial of time. The cutting edges are adaptable and strong for extreme control.

Because of unique low-erosion covering

· Colors are simpler to spread than with other customary carbon palette blades

· The sharp edge is simpler to clean regardless of whether the shading has just dried (in any case, cleaning after use is constantly suggested)

· After cleaning, there is no buildup deserted (buildup is frequently abandoned on carbon steel)

Made In England

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2080, 2140, 3030, 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4007, 4008, 4009, 4010, 4011, 4012, 4028, 4029, 4030


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