Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks Set 8pcs - 14ml

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Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks Set 8pcs - 14ml

Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks are fast drying, water-resistant and transparent.

They can be applied with a brush, dip pen or airbrush. The 26 colors include Liquid Indian Ink; a water-based solution of traditional Chinese stick ink. This is the standard lettering ink used by calligraphers (this is not water resistant).

Brilliant Colours
Formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a shellac solution, our drawing inks offer unrivaled strength and color brilliance.

Colour Mixing
The drawing inks allow overlaying of different colors for attractive color mixes. All the colors are water resistant except Liquid Indian Ink, Gold and Silver.

Fully Intermixable
All the colors are inter-mixable. Gold and Silver should be added to other inks in small quantities to avoid thickening. Mixtures of Gold and Silver should not be stored together due to an adverse chemical reaction.

8 colors in 14ml bottles:
Black (Indian Ink), Blue,
Carmine, Canary Yellow,
Emerald, Nut Brown,
Orange and Violet.

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Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks Set 8pcs - 14ml
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