School Stationery Deal (Class 5-10) D-6

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School Stationery Deal (Class 5-10) D-6.
Complete School Set.
Easy to use & reliable for kid.
include all stationary Set.
Complete accessories. Save your time and effort. Order your packages today.

All quantities and prices of deals are mentioned below.
Deal includes:
1x Staedtler Norica 2HB Pencil 12 Pieces Box 130 46
1x Dollar Pointer + Box 10Pcs/Box – Blue
2x Pelikan 96 Fine Liner (1 Black)(1 Blue) Single Pcs
2x Dux Scales 1/2 foot
1x Schneider Stick Pen M TOPS 505 – Blue 10 Pieces
1x Dollar Simple Fiber tip marker
1x Sharpener 12 pcs
10 x Pelikan Super Sheriff Ink Remover 1 Piece
2x Pelikan Blanco Correction Pen
1x DOLLAR Fountain Pen Ink 60ml 10Pcs/Box
1x DOLLAR Fountain Pen Ink 30ml 10Pcs/Box
2x Pelikan Text Marker 490 1 Piece – Yellow
1x Local Pencil Box
1x Deli Flexible Ruler 30″ Cm 38015 – Blue
1x Staedtler Luna Fiber Tip Pens 12 Shades 327 Lwp 12
1x Master Qalam Calligraphic Pen (M-605) 10Pcs/Box – Black
1x Staedtler 10 Pcs of Pencil Erasers 526 B30
1x SDI Pencil Sharpener 145
1x SHARK Correction Pen Single Pcs C-620
1x UHU Glue Stick 8g
1x Pelikan Junior Nib Fountain Pen A/1Pcs P67 A
1x Staedtler Geometric Sets (Transparent) 55710

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School Stationery Deal (Class 5-10) D-6
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