Infant Artist Reversible Double Sided Magnetic Sketchpad/Drawing Easel Board

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Children's large bracket type multifunctional plastic magnetic drawing board, double-sided graffiti drawing board. It is made of environmentally friendly plastics, and the material safety is guaranteed. It has 3c certification. The new design can be used for multiple functions. It can be drawn on the hand or painted on the side. The height of the bracket can be adjusted to meet the different needs of children of different ages and heights, and meet the needs of children in various occasions. Using high-density fine magnetic powder, evenly attracted to the drawing board with electrostatic force, the network grid fixed magnetic powder does not shift, with high magnetic pen, to ensure that each graffiti is smooth and clear, and the picture texture is good and clear, and can be erased repeatedly. To meet the various needs of children graffiti painting,
1. Cultivate the baby's logical thinking ability.
2. Exercise cooperative skills to improve hands-on ability
3. Enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and things.
4. Promote hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory development.
5. Develop brain thinking and recognize different colors. Drawing board The quality is good, please feel free to play with your baby, specially exercise the dexterity of the hand to promote brain development, and play the baby's unbounded imagination, free to play without any fixed mode!
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Infant Artist Reversible Double Sided Magnetic Sketchpad/Drawing Easel Board
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