12 in 1 – Card Fairy Tales – Set# 6

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Books in this set:

  • Tit for tat – The coward slave
  • Sympathy – The gold brick
  • The camel and the jackal – The result of oppression
  • The giant and the goats – The sun and the tempest
  • The parrot’s message – Freedom is a blessing
  • The clever fox – The punishment of pride
  • The horse and the wolf – The magic of the rope
  • Every man doth his business well – The wise turtle
  • To get the true picture – The result of cleverness
  • How does the camel sit – The harm of obstinacy
  • The miser man – The camel with cat
  • The crow and the goose – The king of the jungle


  • Pages: 8 in each Book
  • Paper Type: Offset
  • Binding: Saddle Pin
  • Dimensions: 18 x 25 x 5 cm​​


Fairy tale Is a small story that explicitly refers to fairies. Such stories feature folkloric characters such as fairies goblins, elves, trolls giants or gnomes, and magic or enchantments. These stories will involve a farfetched sequence of events.
Reading Kids Fairy tales presents fairy tales in multiple volumes. Each volume comprises of fairy tales intended for the young. Beautifully illustrated with multicolored pictures each story has been aptly supported by a little moral story. It is definitely, a must for the kids.
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12 in 1 – Card Fairy Tales – Set# 6
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