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An artist, irrespective of the level of his professionalism, needs to get regular art materials supplies at a low cost. Purchasing paints, brushes, canvas, easels, clay, studio equipment or anything else from desired brands can be difficult to procure when required. Many retailers may not stack all products. A good retailer, not stacks all products required for any professional art form like painting, pottery as well as kids art, but The stationer’s art materials supply at affordable prices and in desired quantities.

Supplies for Pottery

Pottery is among the oldest arts and professions. Pots and earthenware preserved from ancient times have given insights into ancient people. The art has survived the test of time and has changed along with its passage. Today it is a highly respected art. Broadly, two important techniques have evolved which are hand-building and throwing. Hand building is the oldest of the techniques while throwing, involving the wheel, is a later invention. The earlier technique is still in use for certain types of crafts. Potters need the best clay for their creations. Good quality pottery clay with a high degree of plasticity should be good for both hand-building and throwing. It should be natural and non-toxic. It should be of use to both artists and students, including children. Other desirable properties of pottery clay include optimal firing temperatures that can be produced in most facilities and should be easy to air dry.

Non-Toxic Face Paints

Face painting is one of those contemporary art forms that has gained acceptance in all parts of the world. Mainly used by artists to convey a message of social importance, it is seen in all its glory during sporting events. Fans paint their country flags or insignia of their favorite teams on their faces to show their support. Through their face painting, they bound with others who share their idea. Derivan face paint is among the best available. They are non-toxic and conform to the highest cosmetic regulations. It can be used on children without any concerns about parties and fairs. A large range of colors is available, making it easy to reproduce ideas in the desired manner. They dry quickly meaning you can apply it just before the game and they are easy to wash off with soap water without any irritation or too much effort.

Medium for Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints can be used emulsion. The strength of the emulsion decides the quality of the paint. Acrylic can be used with water alone but using them along with a medium yields better results. The acrylic medium allows for better adhesion and also allow for higher color strength which is not possible if only water is used. Good acrylic mediums have a low sheen and high adhesion and can be used to dilute the paint when water is not used.

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