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How to Manage Art Supplies for Young Students –

Teachers of elementary schools need to rely on art supplies in order to fulfill their daily teaching responsibilities. A teacher can usually make use of basic art materials like crayons, paints, colored markers, and paper for teaching pupils about the arts. But with more learning, students get more and more interested in other arts projects for which regular art supplies prove insufficient. In that case, the teacher needs an immediate up-gradation of art materials in order to cope with the growing needs of his pupils.

Keeping an ample supply of art materials at hand is a very good idea especially if you are dealing with young children. This gives them an idea about the availability of all the different types of art supplies, and what they can do with the inventory at hand. Obviously, your students will not utilize each and everything at their disposal; however, it is better if your arsenal of art supplies, at any point in time, contains at least the most basic and necessary things for simple projects.

Does your list of art materials contain paints? If not, then it is time you made a few updates. Paints are a great motivation for younger students who like to do several things with them. The best thing about paints is that they are available in many varieties and several colors – all of them attractive to children. Finger painting is a very popular artistic activity in younger children. Of course, they create a mess but they do manage to keep children happy. In fact, it is a general rule that the messier the project is, the more it will make children happy. This makes it necessary that you also keep some kind of cover clothing for all the children who are about to become painters.

Cover-ups are also available in various sizes and varieties ranging from vests without sleeves to aprons and full cover-ups. In case your budget does not allow you to buy all these supplies, simply ask your students to bring with them large plastic bags. By cutting holes in those bags for the head and arms, you can make quite good cover-ups without incurring any extra costs.

Older students will need a few extra art supplies apart from the basic ones mentioned above. Take for example finger-paints. While young children are more than happy to indulge in finger painting, older children will not be interested in coloring fingers all day long. The teacher will need to buy a few brushes and watercolors – and for the really talented ones – oil colors. Depending on your budget, you can add several other useful items to the list of art materials allowing your students to get more interested in the arts.

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