3d Art Paint Glue Set Of 6 Color
3d Art Paint Glue Set Of 6 Color For Kids Painting.
Aero Graphite Pencils Set Of 12 Pcs
Set contains following degrees:- Hb, B, 2b, 3b, 4b, 6b, 8b, F, H, 2h, 4h, 5h High quality graphite pencils manufactured in Austria Highly break resistant Ergonomic shape for easy sharpening Pre sharpened Organic composition and contains no toxins making...
Corot Finest Quality Artist Brushes Pack Of 5
Brand: Corot Diff Size Brushes 5pcs set Brush Hair Color Brown-White
Crayola Assorted Colors Crayon Pack Of 16 588703
N / A Made in the USA or imported 16 unique colors; not the traditional school "" color palette For home-use "lots of colored" Beats "markers that last a long time Extended vented lid for safety
Crayola Classic Color Crayons Pack Of 120
Crayola Classic Colored Pencils, 120 Colors age 3+ years Item size Length 5.38 x Width 2.63 x Height 2.63 inches colour multicolor Brand Crayola material Wax
Crayola Silly Scents Mini Twistable Crayons
Featuring fun and flavorful scents, Silly Scents Scented Mini Twistables Crayons add a new sensory dimension to children's artwork With a wide variety of colors and smells, each art tool pack immediately turns any coloring project into a fun, scribble-and-sniff...
Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons Pack Of 16
Color Max Ultra Clean Washable Crayons Box of 16 vibrantly colored crayons preferred by educators Colors are easily washed off walls and other surfaces with warm water and a sponge Regular size crayons Not toxic
Cretacolor Passion Wooden Box Sketching and Drawing Set Of 25 Piece
Cretacolor Passion Box 25-piece Sketching and Drawing Set Presented In An Exclusive Wooden Case. Content:– Charcoal Pencils soft/medium– Nero Pencil soft– Black Pastel Pencil Medium– Sepia Pencils light/dark– Sanguine Pencils oil/dry– White Pastel Pencil medium– Artists’ leads Charcoal medium/White Pastel...
Cretacolor Tattoo Sketching Oval Tin Set Of 14 Pcs
Content: 3- Cleos Fine Art Graphite Pencil HB, B, 9B 5- Nero Oil Based Charcoal Pencil extrasoft, soft, medium hard, extrahard 1- Copying Pencil (graphite medium) 1- Twin Tip-Pencil (Non-Photo blue/Nero Oil Based Charcoal Medium) 2- Blackliner Permanent 1.0 &...
Cretacolor The Brilliants Metallic Color Pencils Tin Box Of 12 Pcs
The Brilliants Mega Color Metallic Drawing Set 12 highly pigmented “JUMBO” metallic colors for sparkling accents and opaque coloring, especially on dark surfaces, extra thick diameter of lead 6.4 mm, soft, rich and slightly waxy stroke Techniques: mix and paint...
Cretacolor Watercolor Graphite Pencils Set Of 6 Pcs
High quality water-soluble fine art graphite pencils with color accent, rich and soft stroke, for strong watercolor highlights in graphite drawings Techniques: spraying, watercolor highlights in graphite, Mixed Media – dry and wet
Cretacolor Wooden Black Box Charcoal And Drawing Set Of 20
Set Contains: – Charcoal pencils soft, medium, hard.– Nero pencils soft, medium, extra hard.– Woodless graphite pencils 6b, 9b.– Compressed charcoal sticks soft, medium, hard.– Natural charcoal sticks 4mm & 6mm.– Sketching charcoal stick, paper stump for blending & kneadable...
Cretacolor Wooden Box Black & White Charcoal Set of 25 Pcs
The Black & White Drawing Set of 25 includes– 3 sticks of vine charcoal– 3 compressed charcoal sticks– 4 wide square charcoal sticks– 2 White charcoal pencils in Soft and Medium– 1 White charcoal oil pencil soft– 3 white square...
Cretacolor Wooden Ultimo Box Drawing Set Of 35 Pcs
The ultimate collection of drawing materials. Contents:16- Artists’ pencils and leads (sanguine, sepia, white and black pastel, charcoal, Nero oil charcoal) 1-Water-soluble graphite pencil (8b)1- Graphite pencil (Hb)1- Monolith Graphite pencil (9b)1- Water-Soluble Monolith Graphite pencil (4b)3- Aqua Monolith Pencils...
Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolor Ink White 29.5ML
Ideal For Watercolor Work, Calligraphy, Technical pen & Drawing illustrations.Aquafine Watercolour Ink is a pigmented, water soluble ink range with high degree of lightfastness. It can be used straight out of the dropper, or diluted to archieve the most subtle...
Daler Rowney Artists Natural Sponge
This pack from Jakar contains a small Natural Sea Sponge which has an approximate Sponges can be used in a wide variety of craft and creative projects including creating interesting and exciting effects when applying colour and they prove particularly popular amongst...
Daler Rowney Calligraphy Ink 30ml
Daler-Rowney Calligraphy ink is an acrylic-based range of pigmented, water-resistant inks, designed specially for use in calligraphy, where optimum flow characteristics from the pen or brush are essential. Pigment-based inks. Excellent lightfastness and permanent (4*). Non-clogging, excellent flow. Waterproof. Ideal...
from Rs.845.00
Daler Rowney Dalon 00000 Brushes For Miniature Work
Daler-Rowney Dalon Brushes are made out of Dalon which was the first real rival to the sable brush. It is a remarkable man-made brush imitation of natural sable hair and can have a long life in use with oils and...
Daler Rowney Georgian Brush Flat Long Handle
These new Georgian brushes from Daler-Rowney have high quality hairs and offer experienced artists the ultimate experience. All brushes in the new range benefit from qualitative improvements compared to the previous range, even for shapes and sizes available previously. All brushes feature...
from Rs.710.00
Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Brushes Single Piece
Oil painting calls for resilient, durable, and sturdy hog bristle brushes that have good color retention and are easy to use. Georgian brushes have extra-fine quality Chungking bristle with a high percentage of natural flags for maximum color-holding and smooth...
from Rs.710.00
Daler Rowney Graduate Angle Shader Brush
The range offers 6 different blends of hair encompassing natural, synthetic, and blends of natural and synthetic. The majority of brushes are either Synthetic (great for acrylic but good all-round brushes) or Natural Bristle (great for oil and good for...
from Rs.490.00
Daler Rowney Graduate Brush Synthetic Oval Wash
Daler Rowney Graduate Pony & Synthetic Oval Wash Brush Size 1/2 " A short-handled wash brush combining the carrying capacity of natural hair with the spring and durability of synthetic bristles. The brush is ideal for covering large areas and...
from Rs.690.00
Daler Rowney Graduate Fan Blender Brush 4
his brush provides the perfect tool for blending texture and wet colours in both landscape and portraiture, as well as creating special effects, grass, fur and foliage. The synthetic brush fibres are long-lasting and durable for an experience that you...
Daler Rowney Graduate Liner Brush 10-0 Size
This brush provides excellent cover and a delectable spread of colour that gives you deep lines and fine quality time and time again. The synthetic brush fibres are long-lasting and durable for an experience that you will able to continue...
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