How to Manage Art Supplies for Young Students –

Teachers of elementary schools need to rely on art supplies in order to fulfill their daily teaching responsibilities. A teacher can usually make use of basic art materials like crayons, paints, colored markers, and paper for teaching pupils about the arts. But with more learning, students get more and more interested in other arts projects for which regular art supplies prove insufficient. In that case, the teacher needs an immediate up-gradation of art materials in order to cope with the growing needs of his pupils.

Keeping an ample supply of art materials at hand is a very good idea especially if you are dealing with young children. This gives them an idea about the availability of all the different types of art supplies, and what they can do with the inventory at hand. Obviously, your students will not utilize each and everything at their disposal; however, it is better if your arsenal of art supplies, at any point in time, contains at least the most basic and necessary things for simple projects.

Does your list of art materials contain paints? If not, then it is time you made a few updates. Paints are a great motivation for younger students who like to do several things with them. The best thing about paints is that they are available in many varieties and several colors – all of them attractive to children. Finger painting is a very popular artistic activity in younger children. Of course, they create a mess but they do manage to keep children happy. In fact, it is a general rule that the messier the project is, the more it will make children happy. This makes it necessary that you also keep some kind of cover clothing for all the children who are about to become painters.

Cover-ups are also available in various sizes and varieties ranging from vests without sleeves to aprons and full cover-ups. In case your budget does not allow you to buy all these supplies, simply ask your students to bring with them large plastic bags. By cutting holes in those bags for the head and arms, you can make quite good cover-ups without incurring any extra costs.

Older students will need a few extra art supplies apart from the basic ones mentioned above. Take for example finger-paints. While young children are more than happy to indulge in finger painting, older children will not be interested in coloring fingers all day long. The teacher will need to buy a few brushes and watercolors – and for the really talented ones – oil colors. Depending on your budget, you can add several other useful items to the list of art materials allowing your students to get more interested in the arts.

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Buy Art Supplies At Affordable Prices Online –

Whether you love producing paintings or developing drawings, it is important not to let the price of art materials stop you from creating your very own masterpiece.

It does not matter if you are a professional painter or an amateur artist; if you regularly use certain types of art materials then the creativity process can prove extremely costly over time.

The stationers supply art supplies online in Pakistan at the affordable price. Thestationers specialized in art and craft and have a largest collections of art tools.

Fortunately, there are many ways to find your favourite products at pleasing prices as long as you know when and where to shop so it is important to learn these secrets as it may be the only way to help you create affordable art.

One obvious way to take advantage of discounts on art materials is to only buy supplies when they go on sale and this is especially ideal if you have your eye on is, pricey product.

Supplies which tend to be more expensive include easels, canvas and other products of a similar nature because these tend to be specialist and sometimes bespoke so they can cost quite a lot to manufacture.

Sadly the fact is that sales are not in operation all-year round but there are certain times when they are likely to occur such as at the start of a semester when art students are going back to college or university.

The festive period is another great time to look out for sales as art supplies are often a popular present to give around Christmas although if you need a certain product immediately then there are still ways to discover discounts.

Another trick to cutting costs is to be aware of weekly adverts from art materials retailers as this will show you which products are available at a cheaper price for a certain amount of time.

Furthermore, the majority of art shops will be happy to provide discounts on bulk orders over a certain price as they will be willing to get rid of surplus stock in one fell swoop.

Buying in bulk is a great idea if you constantly use a specific product such as a particular paint or pencil which keeps running out at inopportune times due to regular use and this way you can make serious savings in the long-term.

Knowing where to shop is also essential and in my experience, the best discounts can be found online because it is a lot easier to compare prices on the internet instead of on the high street.

Online art shops usually provide great customer service and quick delivery times which give you lots more time to carry on art supplies.

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Where to Find Wholesale Art Supplies |

Wholesale art supplies are a commodity valued around the world all year long. Drawing pencils and charcoals, oils and acrylics, and canvases and sketch pads are required by art students and coveted by aspiring artists of various media. Elementary level supplies make wonderful gifts for children to inspire their creativity as well, and it’s no surprise that such items are readily available in department stores and boutique shops.

Where to Find Wholesale Art Supplies

As a distributor or retailer of art supplies, it’s important to maintain a diverse inventory of the materials you sell. If you specialize in painting supplies, you never want to run out of a certain color or sized canvas. If you manage the inventory for an art school, it’s important your students have what they need for their assignments.

If you are in the market for good wholesale art products for resale or distribution, here is a short survey of qualified trainers ready to do business. As a member of an online global trade portal, you have access to hundreds of more traders in this industry. Just one exporter you want to watch for trade deals include: Rose Center, Shop No.7, First Floor, Urdu Bazaar, Kabeer St, Urdu Bazar Anarkali, Lahore, Punjab 54000 -Comprehensive sale of art materials, office stationery and similar supplies for elementary and advanced level users.

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How To Find Cheap Art Supplies Wholesale In Pakistan –

Do you have paints in your classroom? If your answer is no, now is the time to make a change. Younger students can do great things with paints, including finger paints and watercolors. The good news here is that you can now find a very nice line of washable paints in all different colors. Of course, for many years finger painting has been a popular activity among young students. While this can lead to messy projects, in the end, both you and your children will be happy.

Cheap Art Supplies Wholesale Online In PakistanAs a matter of fact, it seems that frequently the messier the project, the happier the children! But, if you are going to let the young Michelangelo’s free with finger paint or any other kind of paint, be sure that you have some form of the cover-up to protect their clothing. The proper cover-up will make you a hero with all the parents. There are various kinds of cover-ups available, from sleeveless vests and aprons all the way to very nice full protection. But, recognize that you don’t necessarily have to buy these things if your budget is tight. Just ask each of your students to bring a large plastic garbage bag to school with them and then cut holes for arms and heads. It will work out fine for everyone concerned.

Art Supplies Deals:

As students get older, they will still need all of the basic art supplies detailed above. Of course, you will need to buy a few other supplies as well. For example, finger paints are no longer going to do the trick; older students don’t want to spend the day with their hands in paint. Older students need more advanced art supplies. What this means is that at some point you need to buy at least various brushes and paint palettes so that these older students can move on to watercolors and then for those who are really talented, the big step…oil paints. Of course, depending on the grade level you are teaching and your school supplies budget, there are lots of other art supplies that you can add to the mix, including airbrushes, spray paint, paint sponges, frames, pastels, clay, and pottery wheels. With a broad range of art supplies such as this, advanced students have a better chance of learning more and becoming deeply interested in the subject of art.

Every school needs the right cheap art supplies wholesale. If you move into it gradually, you can soon develop a great range for students of all ages to choose from. Those that we discussed above are some that you definitely may want to consider buying at the right time.

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Best Art Supply Shop in Lahore – Pakistan |

Art Supply Shop In Lahore

Home to arts and craft, Lahore City is rich in stores that supply art materials. There is countless marvelous art supply shop in Lahore that artists do not have to wander far away to look out for their required material. This article will shed light on the very best and wholesome art suppliers of Lahore, where you are guaranteed to achieve full satisfaction.

The stationers Art Supply Store in Lahore art stationery storeThestationers, is one art stationery store in Lahore where you will find almost everything related to being artful. The store has a huge collection of Canvas, Paint Brushes, Art Pencils, Art Oil, Art Paint, Art Sheets and a long list of other art accessories and art tools. Visit the place once and you will adore its fast and accurate delivery of items ordered.

The stationers Art Supplies & Office Stationery is a famous art supplier of Lahore serving the city at Rose Center, Shop No.7, First Floor, Urdu Bazaar, Kabeer St, Urdu Bazar Anarkali, Lahore, Punjab 54000. This store allows customers to frame their artworks in addition to a huge variety of art materials.

Guerra Paint & Pigment is popular in Lahore as the best high-quality paint products. You can contact at 0311-1639639. Thestationers Art Supply Shop has a wide range of art supplies with items that are attractive for professional as well as students.

Located at Lahore, Pakistan Art Supply Store is one of the largest art suppliers in Lahore City. It has a supply that will satisfy art lovers, artists, architects, designers, and students. The store is most famous for its papers the quality of which is nowhere to be found in the whole of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

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Order Low Cost Art Supplies Online In Pakistan –

An artist, irrespective of the level of his professionalism, needs to get regular art materials supplies at a low cost. Purchasing paints, brushes, canvas, easels, clay, studio equipment or anything else from desired brands can be difficult to procure when required. Many retailers may not stack all products. A good retailer, not stacks all products required for any professional art form like painting, pottery as well as kids art, but The stationer’s art materials supply at affordable prices and in desired quantities.

Supplies for Pottery

Pottery is among the oldest arts and professions. Pots and earthenware preserved from ancient times have given insights into ancient people. The art has survived the test of time and has changed along with its passage. Today it is a highly respected art. Broadly, two important techniques have evolved which are hand-building and throwing. Hand building is the oldest of the techniques while throwing, involving the wheel, is a later invention. The earlier technique is still in use for certain types of crafts. Potters need the best clay for their creations. Good quality pottery clay with a high degree of plasticity should be good for both hand-building and throwing. It should be natural and non-toxic. It should be of use to both artists and students, including children. Other desirable properties of pottery clay include optimal firing temperatures that can be produced in most facilities and should be easy to air dry.

Non-Toxic Face Paints

Face painting is one of those contemporary art forms that has gained acceptance in all parts of the world. Mainly used by artists to convey a message of social importance, it is seen in all its glory during sporting events. Fans paint their country flags or insignia of their favorite teams on their faces to show their support. Through their face painting, they bound with others who share their idea. Derivan face paint is among the best available. They are non-toxic and conform to the highest cosmetic regulations. It can be used on children without any concerns about parties and fairs. A large range of colors is available, making it easy to reproduce ideas in the desired manner. They dry quickly meaning you can apply it just before the game and they are easy to wash off with soap water without any irritation or too much effort.

Medium for Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints can be used emulsion. The strength of the emulsion decides the quality of the paint. Acrylic can be used with water alone but using them along with a medium yields better results. The acrylic medium allows for better adhesion and also allow for higher color strength which is not possible if only water is used. Good acrylic mediums have a low sheen and high adhesion and can be used to dilute the paint when water is not used.

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Online Art Supply Store Have So Much More Choice –

Most people who have an artistic flair will certainly want some different art materials so that they can produce some wonderful works. Art supplies are there in plenty of course, but the online shops which proliferate are probably a good way to compare products and prices in one easy move. Even the foam board which is used comes in a host of different varieties with one being the perfect choice for that special project.

This kind of product makes for excellent gifts for the budding artist since they often have to make do and mend in the early years. For example, any kind of paints; be it watercolor or oil paints will certainly be out of reach for some people. Some come in starter kits which gives a whole raft of different products for the artist to try which one he can work with easily. This could be the start of a lifelong love of creating some wonderful pieces which we could all benefit from. art supplies online store also offer all kinds of other equipment which makes life a little more comfortable too. Drawing tables which adjust to just about every angle makes life easier for those who do very detailed work. Chairs which adjust too are also necessary for those times when long hours are spent producing something wonderful. Any of these would make a splendid gift for the amateur who wants to produce something to sell.

Whenever anything new comes on to the market, and they do quite often, these online stores will let their customers know very quickly about the new stock. They often give early bird deals too which saves a few dollars here and there. Add to this the free shipping and the customer can make quite a saving.

Professional artists also like to shop on these online stores too since they rarely have time to mooch about in shops looking for what they want. The range of goods offered is usually much greater than in shops since they do not have to worry about keeping the shop front looking good. All they need is a large warehouse and a website and they are good to go!

If the customer is a regular one, the website often throws in a free gift now and then. This is a great treat for anyone who is watching their budget closely and really encourages people to keep coming back for more. If it is a school or college that is producing something for charity, thestationers online stores can often give them a great discount too in return for a mention in the literature.

Indeed, schools and pupils benefit from these sites since they can buy in build for distribution to the kids. Buying in this way enables them to try out different media until they find what works for them best. This often leads to future business too since most of the children will carry on buying from this outlet once they get older and start earning a living from what they just love doing.

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Buying Arts Supplies Online? Check These 6 Things First! –


1/ Price. Obviously you want to get the best possible price for what you purchase so does the store offer a best price guarantee? If not, don’t purchase from this store and keep looking, you are bound to find a better price elsewhere. If the store does offer such a guarantee you can feel safe in placing the order straightaway.

2/ Money Back Guarantee. Very much linked to Price, again you want to put your mind at ease in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations that you can simply return it to get your money back.

3/ Safety. When placing orders online, make sure the store offers 128 bit encryption. The last thing you want is for your credit card to become compromised. Better yet look out for security seals such as the Hackersafe seal as these show that the store owner is conscious about customer security and has the site tested daily.

4/ Privacy. Make sure the store has a clear privacy policy to avoid being sent unsolicited emails.

5/ Knowledge. Avoid companies that don’t know anything about materials arts supplies as you are unlikely to receive sound advice from such people. Where possible order from store owners who know something about art materials to ensure you can be guided in a way that will benefit you.

6/ Contact details. You will probably feel safer ordering from a site that clearly has contact details displayed on the site and can be contacted. Walk away from any site that doesn’t display such details

At Total materials Arts Supplies we believe that our customers are our greatest assets and endeavor to provide the best possible service to them.

That’s why we fulfill all 6 of the above requirements and more. Have a look for yourself.

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Are Prismacolor Colored Pencils Cheap Art Supplies?

Prismacolor colored pencils are not cheap art supplies, but do cost less than most other name brands. For example, compared to Derwent, a single Prismacolor colored pencil costs about Rs.95 – Rs1.43, whereas Derwent costs Rs.100 on average. Stabilo colored marking pencils sell for approximately Rs.140 each. Dick Blick has its own private label brand of colored pencils which range from Rs.60 – Rs.80 depending up the quantity ordered. So, Prismacolor is not the least expensive, but does costs less than the leading name brand competition. They are also made consistently from very high quality pigments, which are smooth and very rich in color saturation. give you all art pencils and art materials at the discounted rates.

In the case of a private brand label or a generic product, quality may not always be as consistent as a specific manufacturer. The reason – name brand manufacturers are counting on customer loyalty and satisfaction. One the other hand, when a famous soda company came out with a new branded soda, the majority of consumers hated it. They scrambled to remove it from the market. However, in the case of new soda versus the Classic soda, the consumer knew that they were buying a different product from what they had in the past. With a generic or private label product, for example, you never know who is really manufacturing the product – it could be Coke one year and the next season it could be Pepsi! Therefore, for the most part, my suggestion is to stick with a name brand product that has proven its quality and consistency to you over time. Not all cheap art supplies are created equal!

A set of six Prismacolor colored pencils costs anywhere from Rs.600 to Rs.900, so depending upon where you buy them, you may or may consider them to be cheap art supplies. The higher price is the manufacturer’s list price. A tin box set of 132 pencils sells for about Rs.10000 online, compared to the manufacturer’s list price of Rs.20000. That certainly is a big difference! When bought individually, these pencils can cost anywhere from Rs.90 – Rs.160 which is the manufacturer’s list price. My advice, especially if you are investing in a large set, is to shop around in order to get a general sense of what the market and individual online and local stores are offering.

Cheap Art Supplies Online In Pakistan:

The stationers give you service of cheap art supplies, art materials, art tools, office supplies, school supplies and all kind of stationery at the lowest price online in Pakistan.

However, when you buy online, you also have to consider shipping and handling costs. Some online art supply stores will give you a rebate if you buy a certain minimum amount of art supplies from them. Others will offer free shipping if you meet their minimum purchase threshold. However, then you have to compare the cost of free shipping to the actual cost of the goods. Additionally, some online stores will also charge you sales tax, while others won’t. Therefore, you will have a lot of homework to do if price is important to you. One more key point to keep in mind is the time of the year that you are making your purchase. Right before the school semester begins, prices usually are lower. End of season close-out sales are another good opportunity to find cheap art supplies. Happy shopping! visit for cheap art supplies

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